Project Management Vocabulary

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Project Management Vocabulary I have stumbled upon a couple of videos on YouTube provided by Business English Pod , the videos explain the fundamental terms of project management in a simple, graphical, and contextual way, the second video includes a quiz , whether you are a project manager or not I am sure you will love these videos! You may also forward these videos to clients and team members who you think need to realize the essence of the project management core terms.

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The Truth About Motivation

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Motivation Motivation is an art not a science! I have just watched a video about motivation that is based on a speech by Dan Pink author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us book. Dan believes that motivation can be achieved through three ways: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. he bases his conclusions on many researches conducted by top universities

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Up in The Air Layoffs

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image You are sitting alone in your cubicle staring at your screen trying to finish one of your tasks, you finish the task, pick your task list, and tick the one you finished then you start on the next one, it has been very exhausting since the company has laid off many team members, as a result you had to take on all their work, as soon as you start on the next task you get a phone call from someone you don’t know asking you to come to the meeting room, you go to the meeting room, ten minutes later you are officially laid off!

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Tell me about it in 3 minutes

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It looks like everyone is too busy to learn about something in more than 3 minutes or blog about what he is doing in longer than 140 characters, no wonder this is the new rhythm of the 21st century. CommonCraft is an innovative company which is explaining cutting edge technologies in plain English 3-4 minutes videos

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