Matrix Survival Tips

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MatrixManaging projects in a weak matrix organization is not an easy job! Project managers usually have troubles when they get asked to deliver without authority while still being responsible. Most of issues project managers face in a weak matrix organization are people issues especially with functional managers and shared resources, in this post I will share a couple of tips that can help survive in the matrix.

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10 Ways to Lead Effectively

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Ten Ways to Lead EffectivelyIt is very difficult to select from the plethora of leadership skills which ones are the most effective ones. If you look at greatest leaders humankind have known you will realize that every leader has got his own personality that was formed based on the vision and set of experiences he had, although most of great leaders share common traits, the choice of top leadership skills will always remain subjective, here are another ten ways to lead more effectively.

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The Doormat Project Manager Syndrome

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The Doormat Project Manager is headlessDo you always say YES? It’s time to say NO! many project mangers intentionally play this role of a doormat, they mistakenly think it would make them successful or at least get seen as obedient and trying to always please each and every stakeholder, being a doormat destroys the professional image of the project manager it also exhibits some stereotypes of project failure

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Weak Matrix Syndrome

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Weak Matrix SyndromeA quote can summarize a whole life experience and can convey a great deal of knowledge and wisdom to the world. In my pursuit of developing project management quotes, I always try to compose new ones that represent general and project management, this is the first of a series I am going to start on this blog where I will include a quote of mine and explain the reason behind it, just like Why Projects Fail series, I hope you will enjoy this series of unique quotes!

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