Are you running the right projects?

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imageThe project selection process by an organisation or department is fundamental to success.  In talking with many clients this year the common theme is one of budget cuts and headcount reductions so the selection of the “right” projects is even more important than ever. I can however think of a number of well-known & profitable organisations that in the past have taken a surprisingly simplistic & informal approach to selection.

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Rolling Wave Planning Using Microsoft Project 2010

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Rolling WaveUncertainty is the number one enemy of planning, most of the times, projects cannot be planned precisely due to lack of information and time, using the Rolling Wave Planning technique will enable you to thoroughly plan short term activities and re-plan the project phases, work packages, and activities as they become clearer, Microsoft Project 2010 Manual Scheduling new feature provides great flexibility that makes Rolling Wave Planning practical, easy and efficient

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Free 7-Day Online Tour of Microsoft EPM 2010

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Free EPM 2010 Tour Get your hands on Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) 2010 by registering to a free 7-day online tour (Google projecthosts , link removed as per webmaster’s request) provided by Corporate Project Solutions, you will be able to try selected features of Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and Microsoft EPM 2010 by following a structured walkthroughs and accessing remote servers right from your browser, unless you have a very powerful machine, this free tour will get you started with EPM 2010

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Smart Email Software

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The Future of Email Are you quite happy with the email software you use? maybe you are, but I am not! Having used different applications for email I found most of them lack the intelligence to help me communicate efficiently and effectively, I am currently using Microsoft Office Outlook, and though it satisfies most of my needs, I think it needs major improvements so as are other Email applications,  In this post I will propose some thoughts about the future of email software as I dream of it and will elaborate on the way email software should consider the emotional aspect of communication which cannot be igonred.

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PERT using Microsoft Project

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PERT ChartPERT is a technique to depict project activities and to calculate duration of each activity keeping uncertainty/risk in mind, PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) was first develop in fifties (1950s), as a method to estimate activity duration, it is often referred to as PERT Chart, PERT uses indeterministic methodology to calculate duration, by trying to anticipate three estimates, worst case scenario represented by pessimistic value or longest duration an activity will take to finish, best case scenario represented by optimistic value or shortest duration an activity will take to finish, third factor is the most likely estimate, the 3 factors feed into a formula which takes probability into consideration to calculate the duration of the activity, the formula is:

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