Why Do Projects Really Fail?

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file0002062790027[1]Project failure has always been a hot topic. Yet the mystery behind what drives projects off track is starting to fade. Organizations have come a long way when it comes to ferreting out the root causes of failure. Here are some of the top reasons projects fall short – and rips for how you can use that knowledge to stop making the same mistakes over and over again


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Microsoft Project Does Not Make a Project Manager

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ms project 2010 Through the years I have seen many people who use Microsoft Project (aka project management software) and claim they are project managers, I have also seen PMP certified people who don’t know the basics of Microsoft Project, and sadly I have seen project managers who are managing projects and don’t know the theory nor the software!

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Scope Creep and Gold Plating are two sides of the same coin

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coin 2 While Scope Creep and Gold Plating may appear as two different issues in project management, they are relevant and very likely to result in unsatisfied customers, the creep term is so true, you start a small change and accept it without enough analysis then you find yourself doing another change in order to implement the first one, and creep keeps going and going!

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