Cultivating Creativity

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Engage For Better CommunicationProject professionals have always lived in a world where delivering projects on time, under budget and within scope were their claims to fame. But that’s no longer enough. Successfully manage the triple constraint now and you may earn a pat on the back from your boss.


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Engage For Better Communication

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Engage For Better CommunicationCommunication is one of the top ranked personal skills across all industries, the demand for effective communication among professionals has become bigger than ever due to virtual teams, diverse cultures, and dissimilar expectations just to name a few, I have tried to sum up everything about communication in this brief article that is based on an old Chinese adage.

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Matrix Survival Tips

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MatrixManaging projects in a weak matrix organization is not an easy job! Project managers usually have troubles when they get asked to deliver without authority while still being responsible. Most of issues project managers face in a weak matrix organization are people issues especially with functional managers and shared resources, in this post I will share a couple of tips that can help survive in the matrix.

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Project Management Telesummit

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pmtelesummits1I have some exciting news about an upcoming Project Management event quickly approaching that you don’t want to miss. The Project Management Telesummit is a live online “virtual” event where you will gain valuable insights from fifteen of today’s dynamic and engaging thought leaders in Project Management from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere in between. Registration is now open for the first edition of the Project Management Telesummit on March 8-10, 2011.

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5 Tips to Sell Your PMO

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image The rollout of the Project Management Office is best managed by approaching it as a project, even if the ultimate objective of the project is to develop the PMO business case, it would be more effective to approach feasibility study and business case development as a project. You can use these five tips to sell your PMO when a C-Level executive tells you “I just don’t see the value of spending all this money to establish a PMO in such a bad economy. All right, can you sell it to me?”

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