Don’t Spring The Apes

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Don't be an ape!How many times have you done something without questioning it? how many times have you obliged to an unjustifiable policy or ineffective process just because this is how it has been designed, the number of ridiculous activities we do on daily basis has become devastating and unless we stop and try to understand why we need to follow a certain policy, our energy will always go in the wrong place.

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A Project Manager Going Gaga

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A Project Manager Going Gaga Few days ago a thought hit my mind about the relationship between a project and a life, and I found both pretty much similar in so many aspects, in fact have been so busy trying to organize my life, feel purposeful, have SMART goals, be better time manager, and get things done. I found myself aware of managing projects but if life is just another project, so why am I not able to manage it the same way, or is it going to be part of Standish Group report! In this post I will propose an interesting analogy between a project and a life derived by passion to project management!

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Better Meetings

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Meeting is Money We spend most of our time attending meetings, and a meeting is the most time waster if it is not managed properly, sometimes you find yourself walking into a meeting without even realizing why you are required for such a meeting. Meetings cost the enterprise a lot of money and most of times benefits are not realized nor quantified, meeting managed is one of the areas that seriously need some discipline and control, in this post I will give some tips to avoid meetings chaos and also will propose a concept called Meeting Calculator that I wish Calendars program will adopt it in the future.

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Office Labs Search Commands

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Tired of Searching for commands in the menus of Office 2003, then you should upgrade to Office 2007, once you start using Office 2007, I am sure you will love it, and will get new experience of using Offie Ribbon that makes navigation a real fun!, I have seen so many people using Office 2007 but not even know the name of this square that shows the group of commands on the top banner area of Office application this is simply a Ribbon!, the below image is for a ribbon.

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