5 Tips to Sell Your PMO

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image The rollout of the Project Management Office is best managed by approaching it as a project, even if the ultimate objective of the project is to develop the PMO business case, it would be more effective to approach feasibility study and business case development as a project. You can use these five tips to sell your PMO when a C-Level executive tells you “I just don’t see the value of spending all this money to establish a PMO in such a bad economy. All right, can you sell it to me?”

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Are you running the right projects?

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imageThe project selection process by an organisation or department is fundamental to success.  In talking with many clients this year the common theme is one of budget cuts and headcount reductions so the selection of the “right” projects is even more important than ever. I can however think of a number of well-known & profitable organisations that in the past have taken a surprisingly simplistic & informal approach to selection.

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Do The Right Things Right

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Right Things Right What do you do if you get asked to handle a wrong project that if it was your call you wouldn’t do it at all? I have seen many discussions about this topic on Twitter, while the main duty of the project manager is to deliver the project within the triple constraints, yet effective project managers focus on delivering value rather than a dummy deliverable!

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A Project Manager Going Gaga

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A Project Manager Going Gaga Few days ago a thought hit my mind about the relationship between a project and a life, and I found both pretty much similar in so many aspects, in fact have been so busy trying to organize my life, feel purposeful, have SMART goals, be better time manager, and get things done. I found myself aware of managing projects but if life is just another project, so why am I not able to manage it the same way, or is it going to be part of Standish Group report! In this post I will propose an interesting analogy between a project and a life derived by passion to project management!

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Why Projects Fail (Part Two)

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Initiating is one of the most overlooked phases of a project lifecycle (so as is Closing), you have to keep in my mind that if you start wrong, chances are you will end wrong, just like a building’s foundation, if the foundation is not solid the building may collapse any time before or after completing the building, same thing applies to any project, the problem with initiating phase is that it is mostly handled without the project manager, most of project sponsor start appointing a project manager only when the project is approved and after the business case, if there is any, has been built.

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