Why Projects Fail – Procurement

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In part four of Why Projects Fail series, we will examine the procurement root cause and see how it can cause the project failure, procurement involves establishing a relationship with a vendor to build the project’s deliverables, if a wrong vendor is selected, the entire project will be threatened, the project manager has to have robust knowledge and vast experience with the procurement process, in this post I will discuss procurement mistakes and how to avoid them.

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5 Ways to Influence a HIPPO

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HIPPO Do you know the HIPPO? not the hippopotamus animal, it is a different HIPPO, a HIPPO is an acronym that stands for a “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion” or “Highest Paid Person in Organization”, whether you work in a small or gigantic enterprise, you will always find a HIPPO (aka CEO) around, chances are you will be invited to a meeting to take a critical decision that may impact your project or sometimes the entire organization, and so the decision will hit your project either positively or negatively. in this post you will learn 5 ways to influence a HIPPO.

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10 Ways to Avoid Marketecture Trap

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image If you work on IT projects and have not heard about Marketecture before this is a must read for you, Marketecture (Marketing Architecture) is a very common technique that most of vendors use to market and sell their products, in Marketecture, marketing people use the architectural advantages of a product to tout it and influence the client’s decision to buy the product, often times Marketecture is planned in the very early stages of the product planning and prior to the product build, as a project manager you have to protect your project from Marketecture, read on to know how Marketecture works and what precautions you can take to avoid falling in the Marketecture trap.

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Why Projects Fail (Part Three)

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In part three we will examine a very interesting root cause which will make a lot of people scratch their heads, it is Project Manager, yes the project manager is one of the root causes why projects fail, while from the first look this may seem awkward as so many people will simply say that projects fail when there is no project manager, however in my humble opinion a considerable percentage of projects fail because of poor project management, let’s see the sub causes.

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