PM PrepCast Winners

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PM PrepCast Lucky Winners Jerry Gaetano and Karthik Jillella are the two lucky winners, they will be contacted by OSP International and will receive the PM PrepCast. If you haven’t been lucky enough to win a free copy of the PM PrepCast you can buy it here, it is not expensive, for more information about the online training, you can read my review PM PrepCast Review

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Giveaway: PM PrepCast

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PmPrepCastDo you want to be PMP certified? The first step in the PMP journey is to get a professional PMP training that will give you a 35 contact hours certificate which is mandatory to apply for the PMP exam. I have enjoyed reviewing the PM PrepCast, you can read PM PrepCast Review, and found it a great resource for PMP aspirants. I have two free copies of the PMP PrepCast and will offer these two giveaways to my blog readers.

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PM PrepCast Review

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PmPrepCastCornelius Fichtner will take you in hand and tell you all what you need to know to plan and pass the PMP exam, I have been impressed by the quality of information provided by the PM PrepCast that covers both PMBOK guide and real life experience that new project managers will definitely need to master. The PM PrepCast is a great option if you want to get 35 contact hours that is a prerequisite to apply for the PMP exam, The PM PrepCast is an invaluable resource if you are planning to be PMP certified

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First Time Project Manager

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FTPM Are you furious about high rates of failing projects? does it bother you? project failure has been a hot topic for many years, companies and countries lose billions every year because of projects failure, look around you will find many stumbling projects, if you are unhappy about project failure, stop talking and start acting, we need to help out first time project managers and so this is a little initiative that hopefully can make a change!

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