The Truth About Lessons Learned

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Lessons Learned Lessons Learned is one of the hottest topics in project management and business, though we keep talking about this process and how important it is, it is an overlooked area for many projects and if it is not overlooked it is often done with the least attention

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RED Leadership

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RED Leadership It’s not about the colour of your leadership style, it’s about what you can do for your people in order to make them feel valued and energize them every time they need to, RED Leadership is a style I have coined that’s cantered around three pillars: Respect, Empathize, and Develop. Many leaders use different techniques to get results through people, however a true leader has to learn how to respect people and treat them as human begins rather than robots!

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The Doormat Project Manager Syndrome

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The Doormat Project Manager is headlessDo you always say YES? It’s time to say NO! many project mangers intentionally play this role of a doormat, they mistakenly think it would make them successful or at least get seen as obedient and trying to always please each and every stakeholder, being a doormat destroys the professional image of the project manager it also exhibits some stereotypes of project failure

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Weak Matrix Syndrome

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Weak Matrix SyndromeA quote can summarize a whole life experience and can convey a great deal of knowledge and wisdom to the world. In my pursuit of developing project management quotes, I always try to compose new ones that represent general and project management, this is the first of a series I am going to start on this blog where I will include a quote of mine and explain the reason behind it, just like Why Projects Fail series, I hope you will enjoy this series of unique quotes!

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