10 Ways to Lead Effectively

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Ten Ways to Lead EffectivelyIt is very difficult to select from the plethora of leadership skills which ones are the most effective ones. If you look at greatest leaders humankind have known you will realize that every leader has got his own personality that was formed based on the vision and set of experiences he had, although most of great leaders share common traits, the choice of top leadership skills will always remain subjective, here are another ten ways to lead more effectively.

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Leadership in Recession

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You want to know whether you are an authentic leader? Lead in touch times and strive to direct people towards a common goal. The hard circumstances will show your leadership style in its true color and will put your ability to motivate, inspire, and give people hope under real test. If you want to know the result; a quick walkaround in the workplace will easily tell you whether you are doing well or you have failed the test of leading in recession!

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The Truth About Motivation

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Motivation Motivation is an art not a science! I have just watched a video about motivation that is based on a speech by Dan Pink author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us book. Dan believes that motivation can be achieved through three ways: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. he bases his conclusions on many researches conducted by top universities

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If you put fences around people you get sheep

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I have recently stumbled upon this quote and I did like it so much, I tweeted it and found that many people have retweeted it in a short time, it is a quote of William L. McKnight (1887 – 1978), a former CEO of 3M company, who saved 3M from bankruptcy and made it a multinational and most importantly innovative company!

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Management by Walking Around for Project Managers

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MBWA You cannot manage people from an ivory tower, you have to interact with your team, speak with them on daily basis and melt the ice that may stand as a big demotivator in many organizations, Management By Walking/Wandering Around (MBWA) is a simple yet effective technique to have a robust relationship with your team built on mutual trust, understanding, and agreement.

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