Communication Management Mindmap

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Communication Management Who needs to know what by when and in which format? Every time you work on developing a new communication management plan, ask yourself this questions, it is the key to develop a robust communication plan, misevaluating a stakeholder is sometimes as bad as missing the stakeholder altogether, I will share with you a mindmap that can help you develop a comprehensive communication management plan

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Smart Email Software

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The Future of Email Are you quite happy with the email software you use? maybe you are, but I am not! Having used different applications for email I found most of them lack the intelligence to help me communicate efficiently and effectively, I am currently using Microsoft Office Outlook, and though it satisfies most of my needs, I think it needs major improvements so as are other Email applications,  In this post I will propose some thoughts about the future of email software as I dream of it and will elaborate on the way email software should consider the emotional aspect of communication which cannot be igonred.

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A Project Manager Going Gaga

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A Project Manager Going Gaga Few days ago a thought hit my mind about the relationship between a project and a life, and I found both pretty much similar in so many aspects, in fact have been so busy trying to organize my life, feel purposeful, have SMART goals, be better time manager, and get things done. I found myself aware of managing projects but if life is just another project, so why am I not able to manage it the same way, or is it going to be part of Standish Group report! In this post I will propose an interesting analogy between a project and a life derived by passion to project management!

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