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The Future of Email Are you quite happy with the email software you use? maybe you are, but I am not! Having used different applications for email I found most of them lack the intelligence to help me communicate efficiently and effectively, I am currently using Microsoft Office Outlook, and though it satisfies most of my needs, I think it needs major improvements so as are other Email applications,  In this post I will propose some thoughts about the future of email software as I dream of it and will elaborate on the way email software should consider the emotional aspect of communication which cannot be igonred.

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Office Labs Search Commands

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Tired of Searching for commands in the menus of Office 2003, then you should upgrade to Office 2007, once you start using Office 2007, I am sure you will love it, and will get new experience of using Offie Ribbon that makes navigation a real fun!, I have seen so many people using Office 2007 but not even know the name of this square that shows the group of commands on the top banner area of Office application this is simply a Ribbon!, the below image is for a ribbon.

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