Cultivating Creativity

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Engage For Better CommunicationProject professionals have always lived in a world where delivering projects on time, under budget and within scope were their claims to fame. But that’s no longer enough. Successfully manage the triple constraint now and you may earn a pat on the back from your boss.


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Engage For Better Communication

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Engage For Better CommunicationCommunication is one of the top ranked personal skills across all industries, the demand for effective communication among professionals has become bigger than ever due to virtual teams, diverse cultures, and dissimilar expectations just to name a few, I have tried to sum up everything about communication in this brief article that is based on an old Chinese adage.

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Don’t Spring The Apes

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Don't be an ape!How many times have you done something without questioning it? how many times have you obliged to an unjustifiable policy or ineffective process just because this is how it has been designed, the number of ridiculous activities we do on daily basis has become devastating and unless we stop and try to understand why we need to follow a certain policy, our energy will always go in the wrong place.

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Budget Doesn’t Matter

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Budget Doesn't MatterMost of employers pay too much attention to the budget size of projects that the candidate project manager has managed before, on the other hand, most of project managers tout the total budget of all projects they have managed, and indeed, Budget doesn’t matter! Managing a multi million dollars project does not necessarily imply unique skills nor does it guarantee success for new projects.


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10 Ways to Lead Effectively

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Ten Ways to Lead EffectivelyIt is very difficult to select from the plethora of leadership skills which ones are the most effective ones. If you look at greatest leaders humankind have known you will realize that every leader has got his own personality that was formed based on the vision and set of experiences he had, although most of great leaders share common traits, the choice of top leadership skills will always remain subjective, here are another ten ways to lead more effectively.

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