Scope Creep and Gold Plating are two sides of the same coin

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coin 2 While Scope Creep and Gold Plating may appear as two different issues in project management, they are relevant and very likely to result in unsatisfied customers, the creep term is so true, you start a small change and accept it without enough analysis then you find yourself doing another change in order to implement the first one, and creep keeps going and going!

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First Time Project Manager

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FTPM Are you furious about high rates of failing projects? does it bother you? project failure has been a hot topic for many years, companies and countries lose billions every year because of projects failure, look around you will find many stumbling projects, if you are unhappy about project failure, stop talking and start acting, we need to help out first time project managers and so this is a little initiative that hopefully can make a change!

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The Doormat Project Manager Syndrome

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The Doormat Project Manager is headlessDo you always say YES? It’s time to say NO! many project mangers intentionally play this role of a doormat, they mistakenly think it would make them successful or at least get seen as obedient and trying to always please each and every stakeholder, being a doormat destroys the professional image of the project manager it also exhibits some stereotypes of project failure

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