Engage For Better Communication

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Engage For Better CommunicationCommunication is one of the top ranked personal skills across all industries, the demand for effective communication among professionals has become bigger than ever due to virtual teams, diverse cultures, and dissimilar expectations just to name a few, I have tried to sum up everything about communication in this brief article that is based on an old Chinese adage.

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Leadership in Recession

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You want to know whether you are an authentic leader? Lead in touch times and strive to direct people towards a common goal. The hard circumstances will show your leadership style in its true color and will put your ability to motivate, inspire, and give people hope under real test. If you want to know the result; a quick walkaround in the workplace will easily tell you whether you are doing well or you have failed the test of leading in recession!

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The Seven Deadly Sins of Risk Management

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image Risk management is the heart and soul of project management, failing to practice it right can have fatal consequences on projects and programs, doing real effort in the planning stage can save the entire investment and will increase the likelihood of the project success, however planning alone is not enough if monitoring risks is not handled seriously, these are seven deadly sins of risk management and how to take preventive actions to avoid them

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Top 5 Communication Skills for Project Managers and Leaders

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Top 5 Communication Skills I have been honoured to be interviewed by Jo Ann Sweeney to select top five from a list of 15 communication skills project mangers and leaders need to have in order to lead their teams, despite the innovative communication technologies we have, yet most of today’s business problems are due to poor communication, in this post I am going to share my thoughts on the top five skills I have selected

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Microsoft Project Does Not Make a Project Manager

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ms project 2010 Through the years I have seen many people who use Microsoft Project (aka project management software) and claim they are project managers, I have also seen PMP certified people who don’t know the basics of Microsoft Project, and sadly I have seen project managers who are managing projects and don’t know the theory nor the software!

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