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image I love to think about things and look at the world from different perspectives, I also like to have mottos, a motto helps the one to always remember core values when getting busy doing something, I spend time trying to compose new quotes, that boil down my experience in a few words, I believe in each and every quote I say, I always love to share those quotes with friends trying to share experiences, and will keep this page updated with latest quotes, perhaps one day those quotes will be carried over generations!

If they Teach kids project management in schools, the world will have great shortage of project managers in the future

Never negotiate by lying you may win little but you will lose too much

Gold Plating and Scope Creep are two sides of the same coin

Before using your position power to gravel people, remember that your position may not last forever

Project management was invented to prevent the chaos, not to work around it!

I Tweet Therefore I Exist

If you want to be successful, define success, if you want to fail, don’t define success

What would a project manager have done wrong in his life to work in a weak matrix organization?!

The project manager should care about negative stakeholders as much as he cares about positive ones

Plan for success as if it will never happen and plan for failure as if it will always happen

Did you learn something new today? If YES, did you apply what you’ve learned? If NO, then you didn’t learn anything!

If you make fire fighting a habit, one day the fire will catch you

If getting better results is your sole reason to motivate people; you are selfish

If you are a task oriented person, please think about it

What I like most about a project is no matter how long it is, one day it will either finish or die

When you believe that any problem is temporary, you will not be stressed while trying solving it

Passion is what gets you started, Feedback is what keeps you going

Some people don’t respond to emails unless their bosses are CC’ed; I want CC for phone calls as well

I like Right and Left brain people, but what really bothers me is NO brain folks and they have become so common these days

Number 1 enemy of the quality is not defects it is quantity

The project manager should care about negative stakeholders as much as he cares about positive stakeholders

Humans, aka stakeholders, are greedy by nature and always need more, make sure to have a rigorous Change Management System for your next project

You will never know the real impact of the risk until it hits you

If you are not happy with the project management job, you can try babysitting, both are almost the same the only difference is babies’ age and salary

There are too many projects and few project managers

Get offline, leave twitter, drop your mobile phone, have fun, enjoy life, there is too much in life than work

Wherever you are at the moment, close your eyes for a minute & dream of a better tomorrow, life is good and it will even be better if you want it to be

In every aspect of life, Lessons Learned is an endless process and project management is no exception

Every morning I think of new ways to lead people, and the only thing I am always left with is respect

If you are failing to communicate you are communicating failure

When I say proactive I think of (pro)fessional, when I say reactive I think of (re)tarded

Have a vision, mission, and passion to achieve what you want to be and undoubtedly you will be successful

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