Project Failure – Voice of The Professionals

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Project Failure - Voice of The Professionals Project failure has always been a hot topic; many organizations have come a very long way to define the root causes of project failure hoping to reduce the increasing rates of project failure. Arras People have recently released the 2010 Project Management Benchmark Report that has been conducted to understand how the recession has impacted the Programme and Project Management community in UK.

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Microsoft Project Does Not Make a Project Manager

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ms project 2010 Through the years I have seen many people who use Microsoft Project (aka project management software) and claim they are project managers, I have also seen PMP certified people who don’t know the basics of Microsoft Project, and sadly I have seen project managers who are managing projects and don’t know the theory nor the software!

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The Truth About Motivation

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Motivation Motivation is an art not a science! I have just watched a video about motivation that is based on a speech by Dan Pink author of Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us book. Dan believes that motivation can be achieved through three ways: Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose. he bases his conclusions on many researches conducted by top universities

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Up in The Air Layoffs

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image You are sitting alone in your cubicle staring at your screen trying to finish one of your tasks, you finish the task, pick your task list, and tick the one you finished then you start on the next one, it has been very exhausting since the company has laid off many team members, as a result you had to take on all their work, as soon as you start on the next task you get a phone call from someone you don’t know asking you to come to the meeting room, you go to the meeting room, ten minutes later you are officially laid off!

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PM PrepCast Winners

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PM PrepCast Lucky Winners Jerry Gaetano and Karthik Jillella are the two lucky winners, they will be contacted by OSP International and will receive the PM PrepCast. If you haven’t been lucky enough to win a free copy of the PM PrepCast you can buy it here, it is not expensive, for more information about the online training, you can read my review PM PrepCast Review

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