The Seven Deadly Sins of Risk Management

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image Risk management is the heart and soul of project management, failing to practice it right can have fatal consequences on projects and programs, doing real effort in the planning stage can save the entire investment and will increase the likelihood of the project success, however planning alone is not enough if monitoring risks is not handled seriously, these are seven deadly sins of risk management and how to take preventive actions to avoid them

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Project Management Vocabulary

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Project Management Vocabulary I have stumbled upon a couple of videos on YouTube provided by Business English Pod , the videos explain the fundamental terms of project management in a simple, graphical, and contextual way, the second video includes a quiz , whether you are a project manager or not I am sure you will love these videos! You may also forward these videos to clients and team members who you think need to realize the essence of the project management core terms.

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Why Do Projects Really Fail?

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file0002062790027[1]Project failure has always been a hot topic. Yet the mystery behind what drives projects off track is starting to fade. Organizations have come a long way when it comes to ferreting out the root causes of failure. Here are some of the top reasons projects fall short – and rips for how you can use that knowledge to stop making the same mistakes over and over again


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Top 5 Communication Skills for Project Managers and Leaders

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Top 5 Communication Skills I have been honoured to be interviewed by Jo Ann Sweeney to select top five from a list of 15 communication skills project mangers and leaders need to have in order to lead their teams, despite the innovative communication technologies we have, yet most of today’s business problems are due to poor communication, in this post I am going to share my thoughts on the top five skills I have selected

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Free 7-Day Online Tour of Microsoft EPM 2010

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Free EPM 2010 Tour Get your hands on Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) 2010 by registering to a free 7-day online tour (Google projecthosts , link removed as per webmaster’s request) provided by Corporate Project Solutions, you will be able to try selected features of Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and Microsoft EPM 2010 by following a structured walkthroughs and accessing remote servers right from your browser, unless you have a very powerful machine, this free tour will get you started with EPM 2010

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