Are you running the right projects?

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imageThe project selection process by an organisation or department is fundamental to success.  In talking with many clients this year the common theme is one of budget cuts and headcount reductions so the selection of the “right” projects is even more important than ever. I can however think of a number of well-known & profitable organisations that in the past have taken a surprisingly simplistic & informal approach to selection.

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Leadership Management Grid

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image The objective of the Leadership Management Grid is to depict the relation between leadership and management with emphasis on the ultimate outcome of promoting or ignoring leadership and/or management. Needless to say, leadership and management are essential to goals fulfilment. The Leadership Management Grid is another representation of the Leadership Management Formula.


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Leadership Management Formula

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Math Relation between management and leadership has always been a concern for professionals. In fact, it is one of the classic interview questions for management positions. Drucker tells us that leadership is doing right things and management is doing things right. Covey greatly summarizes the difference saying “Management works in the system; Leadership works on the system”. These are some formula I have devised that represent the relation between leadership and management.

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Leadership in Recession

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You want to know whether you are an authentic leader? Lead in touch times and strive to direct people towards a common goal. The hard circumstances will show your leadership style in its true color and will put your ability to motivate, inspire, and give people hope under real test. If you want to know the result; a quick walkaround in the workplace will easily tell you whether you are doing well or you have failed the test of leading in recession!

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Rolling Wave Planning Using Microsoft Project 2010

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Rolling WaveUncertainty is the number one enemy of planning, most of the times, projects cannot be planned precisely due to lack of information and time, using the Rolling Wave Planning technique will enable you to thoroughly plan short term activities and re-plan the project phases, work packages, and activities as they become clearer, Microsoft Project 2010 Manual Scheduling new feature provides great flexibility that makes Rolling Wave Planning practical, easy and efficient

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