Free Virtual Summit: Is yours a company worth working for?

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You may have a great internal culture but know pressures are round the corner. Or you may already be in the midst of change and struggling to win hearts and minds.To help you stay on track we have brought together a dozen leaders from companies with reputations for being great places to work. They’ll be sharing what they’ve found works in practice in different countries and cultures.

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5 Tips to Sell Your PMO

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image The rollout of the Project Management Office is best managed by approaching it as a project, even if the ultimate objective of the project is to develop the PMO business case, it would be more effective to approach feasibility study and business case development as a project. You can use these five tips to sell your PMO when a C-Level executive tells you “I just don’t see the value of spending all this money to establish a PMO in such a bad economy. All right, can you sell it to me?”

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Budget Doesn’t Matter

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Budget Doesn't MatterMost of employers pay too much attention to the budget size of projects that the candidate project manager has managed before, on the other hand, most of project managers tout the total budget of all projects they have managed, and indeed, Budget doesn’t matter! Managing a multi million dollars project does not necessarily imply unique skills nor does it guarantee success for new projects.


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How to Create a Business Motto

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imageThere is no definitive way you can use to create your business motto or slogan. A business motto sends a strong message about what service or product you sell to your customers that will have large impact on the way you are perceived among your rivals. Creating a power motto can be a daunting task that you can delegate to a specialized vendor, otherwise you can use these pragmatic tips to create your own business motto.

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10 Ways to Lead Effectively

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Ten Ways to Lead EffectivelyIt is very difficult to select from the plethora of leadership skills which ones are the most effective ones. If you look at greatest leaders humankind have known you will realize that every leader has got his own personality that was formed based on the vision and set of experiences he had, although most of great leaders share common traits, the choice of top leadership skills will always remain subjective, here are another ten ways to lead more effectively.

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