PERT using Microsoft Project

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PERT ChartPERT is a technique to depict project activities and to calculate duration of each activity keeping uncertainty/risk in mind, PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) was first develop in fifties (1950s), as a method to estimate activity duration, it is often referred to as PERT Chart, PERT uses indeterministic methodology to calculate duration, by trying to anticipate three estimates, worst case scenario represented by pessimistic value or longest duration an activity will take to finish, best case scenario represented by optimistic value or shortest duration an activity will take to finish, third factor is the most likely estimate, the 3 factors feed into a formula which takes probability into consideration to calculate the duration of the activity, the formula is:

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Tell me about it in 3 minutes

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It looks like everyone is too busy to learn about something in more than 3 minutes or blog about what he is doing in longer than 140 characters, no wonder this is the new rhythm of the 21st century. CommonCraft is an innovative company which is explaining cutting edge technologies in plain English 3-4 minutes videos

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Maximizing Brian Power and Creativity in Challenging Times

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Emirates Palace

A free seminar held at Emirates Palace hotel, it is a great opportunity to watch time-tested techniques about how to maximize creativity, productivity, and brain power, you can register here

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Microsoft SharedView

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Nine 3d laptop, located around. Objects over white

Microsoft SharedView is one of the coolest applications I ever run through, It is a screen sharing application from Microsoft, if you have ever used Live Meeting before you would realize the importance and effectiveness of such a tool, especially it is for free, SharedView lets you do the following:

  • Start a new session or join a running one.
  • Share Application: including Microsoft Office Office.
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Office Labs Search Commands

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Tired of Searching for commands in the menus of Office 2003, then you should upgrade to Office 2007, once you start using Office 2007, I am sure you will love it, and will get new experience of using Offie Ribbon that makes navigation a real fun!, I have seen so many people using Office 2007 but not even know the name of this square that shows the group of commands on the top banner area of Office application this is simply a Ribbon!, the below image is for a ribbon.

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