Better Meetings

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Meeting is Money We spend most of our time attending meetings, and a meeting is the most time waster if it is not managed properly, sometimes you find yourself walking into a meeting without even realizing why you are required for such a meeting. Meetings cost the enterprise a lot of money and most of times benefits are not realized nor quantified, meeting managed is one of the areas that seriously need some discipline and control, in this post I will give some tips to avoid meetings chaos and also will propose a concept called Meeting Calculator that I wish Calendars program will adopt it in the future.

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90% for Communication is Not Enough

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90% for Communication is Not Enough If you ask a project manager about what 90% percentage means for him, he would definitely answer “Communication”, as a rule of thumb the project manager spends 90% of his time in communication, this figure has been there for such a long time, and I think it has to be revisited, we have entered a new decade and it’s time to break the rules, the new figure has to be above that, maybe 95% or I would say 100%

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Social Loafing for Project Managers

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Social LoafingHave you ever worked on a project where you noticed that some team members are not working as efficient as they can? Have you tried figuring out why those team members are acting the way they do? Have you tried adding more people to expedite execution and eventually it turned out you are not getting the expected performance? If you have already experienced any of these, and you still need to find out the reasons behind that, Social Loafing is the answer!

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Weak Matrix Syndrome

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Weak Matrix SyndromeA quote can summarize a whole life experience and can convey a great deal of knowledge and wisdom to the world. In my pursuit of developing project management quotes, I always try to compose new ones that represent general and project management, this is the first of a series I am going to start on this blog where I will include a quote of mine and explain the reason behind it, just like Why Projects Fail series, I hope you will enjoy this series of unique quotes!

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SEE Positive Risks

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See Positive RisksWhy project managers tend to always see negative risks? Most of projects managers prefer to focus only on threats rather than opportunities, you need to ask yourself when was the last time you added a positive risk in your risk registry? if you do not remember then it is time to change this pessimist attitude we, project managers, tend to take while identifying risks, this will definitely add more value to your project.

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