How to Create a Business Motto

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imageThere is no definitive way you can use to create your business motto or slogan. A business motto sends a strong message about what service or product you sell to your customers that will have large impact on the way you are perceived among your rivals. Creating a power motto can be a daunting task that you can delegate to a specialized vendor, otherwise you can use these pragmatic tips to create your own business motto.

A motto is a combination of words that represent your organization and business identity, the words have to be very much contextual and strongly relevant to your business. Examples of power mottos are many and in fact we all see mottos around everywhere, you can view The 10 Best Slogans of All Time slideshow provided by, read the Independent’s article Probably the greatest slogans in the world…, or check THE ADVERTISING SLOGAN HALL OF FAME – THE BEST IN BRANDING to

The following tips can help you get creative with your slogan selection:

1. Benchmark with your top ten rivals and try to reverse engineer how they could use power words and core business vocabulary to create their mottos, while benchmarking is a great way to get you started, do not take a good slogan of one of your rivals and just change specific words, your slogan is your identify and it has to be as unique as your business.

2. Get a lot of keywords: in the beginning, don’t focus a lot on the structure nor the rhythm of the motto and remember that the best way to have a good idea is starting with a big number of ideas, refrain from being judgmental and just gather as much words as you can. If you already have a motto and you are re-branding your corporate identity you can use a tag utility that crawls your website and generate a chart of the most used words in your website, you can use the generated chart to build a list of potential words, consider using Tagxedo that is a great web application which turns a set of words into a visually stunning tag cloud, you can take all the words you identified and generate a cloud that’s shaped in the world map or even a dove, then put the cloud on a large screen and start generating more words, the below cloud shows Kareem’s blog most used words, it is really cool, isn’t it?

Tags of Kareem's Blog

Another way you can use is to identify categories of keywords, put them on a mindmap, and start a brainstorming session to identify more words and eventually come up with your slogan, you can use my favourite brainstorming open source software Xmind.

3. Get a Resonating Rhythm: there is no hard and fast rule for this one, you may use a single word ( IBM’s motto is “Think!” ) or select a motto that is as long as M&M’s motto “Melts In Your Mouth Not In Your Hands”, that is an 8 words long motto. You can pick any known saying and replace keywords to make it meet your needs, starting with a known and famous rhythm will get you very close to getting the best motto, but make sure not to reuse other mottos, if the saying has already been customized by another organization to create its motto, then it would be advisable not to use it, imagine having a motto of a coffee shop that is “Just Drink It”, first thing that people will think of is simply Nike’s motto.

4. Formal or Casual? using a formal or casual motto highly depends on your industry, a fast food company’s motto is expected to be casual, in contrast, a consulting firm or think tank organization is expected to have a formal motto.

5. Repetitions Dilemma: repetition of a brand name’s word in a motto may be benefit the motto and it may have an adverse effect, it depends on whether the repetition will add value or not, for instance, a pizza restaurant may have a brand name as “Pizza Mania” and it could have a motto as “The Best Pizza Around”, repeating a brand name word may send a stronger message and may sound boring, you will have to get other people’s views to see whether it is welcomed or not.

And now, have you come across any known process to develop a business motto or slogan? Do you use any other ways to develop a business motto? Would love to hear from you.

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Hey Kareem, Excellent blog my friend.. do continue posting some great articles. Cheers, Dinesh

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Thanks for this article. It’s not easy to create our business motto but when I reed some good articles I find immediatly some new ideas.
Chris recently posted..Problème de transpiration sous les aisselles

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I like it !!!
It really matters to work for the generation and share what we have.
Bless you

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I am in the process of creating a business motto. This has been helpful. Thank you very much.

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awsome job dude

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