How to Create a Business Motto

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imageThere is no definitive way you can use to create your business motto or slogan. A business motto sends a strong message about what service or product you sell to your customers that will have large impact on the way you are perceived among your rivals. Creating a power motto can be a daunting task that you can delegate to a specialized vendor, otherwise you can use these pragmatic tips to create your own business motto.

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Up in The Air Layoffs

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image You are sitting alone in your cubicle staring at your screen trying to finish one of your tasks, you finish the task, pick your task list, and tick the one you finished then you start on the next one, it has been very exhausting since the company has laid off many team members, as a result you had to take on all their work, as soon as you start on the next task you get a phone call from someone you don’t know asking you to come to the meeting room, you go to the meeting room, ten minutes later you are officially laid off!

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