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    Thanks Kareem for your effort , Kareem I start reading in project management from 1 year , I got Certification in management , but I want to expand my knowledge and increase my experience and practical side , Please help me how I start ? and what type of resources I should go through Thanks again

    I am not quite sure what management certification you have acquired, however, as you start your career in project management, I highly recommend you start considering either CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) or PMP (Project Management Professional), your experience will decide which one is more suitable for you, both certificates use the PMBOK guide that will give you a 360 degree about what it takes be a project manager, it also will increase your chances to get a project management job (you can visit for all information).

    With regard to experience and practicality, I recommend you start “finding” a project to manage! While this may seem awkward, but yes, you will not get experience until you practice managing a project, the reason I am saying you have to find a project is that you may be playing some other role now that is not tied with project management, and in order for you to get experience you need to manage a project. Best way to find a project to manage is to work as a project manager, but if this option is not available, you can volunteer to manage a project for a non-profit organization or take on new project in your organization and be up to the challenge.
    You will find tons of resources to use for getting started in project management, search on Amazon and you will find many entry-level books, you also can rely on social media to get great deal of information and real life experience from established and experienced project managers, you can follow hashtags such as #PMOT, #PM, #PMI, #WebPM, and a recent one I have coined #FTPM (First Time Project Manager), following twitter users will get you to follow their blogs that host invaluable free content.

    Wish you all the best with your endeavours! (I hope you could have mentioned your name)
    Kareem Shaker

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    Hi Kareem,Very nice blog,informative and quite useful. Wondering if you have any document,ppt explaining the different stages required in an IT project. Esp the lifecycle,processes,tools & techniques used at different stages.

    Though you can google and find lots of templates of a project management plan, I recommend you to not rely upon a template to manage the project and you'd better pick PMBOK guide to get yourself familiar with the process groups and knowledge areas.

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    Hi Kareem, Can you explain how to carry out implementing a PERT Analysis using MS Project 2010 please? I know you explained how to complete this task using MS Project 2007, however this feature appears to have been removed from 2010, can you please offer some guidance. Thank you Kindly. Katie 🙂

    Hi Katie,

    Though PERT functionality has been dropped from Project 2010 as you have mentioned, the functionality can be implemented using calculated fields feature in MS Project 2010, please check this article ( ) that explains the details.

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    Hi Kareem, I have 2.5 years of experience as project engineer(product development),now I am looking for job related to project co ordination or project control.Will CAPM certification help me find a job in Dubai?. Is this certification recognized in Dubai job market?

    Hi, CAPM is not as famous as PMP, and in my opinion it does not receive a lot of recognition from recruiters, however, if you decided to take it, it will help you pass the PMP exam easily as you would have acquired required knowledge of PMBOK.

    Good Luck!

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