I want to thank everyone who has quoted, linked, or referred to Kareem’s Blog. I have also been honored to get interviewed by great bloggers, project management gurus, and twitter fellows. I really cannot thank these great people enough, without their endorsements and continuous feedback this blog wouldn’t still be on! Guys, Great Minds Think Alike!

 What’s up in Project Management ( 22/12/2009 )

image In episode #5 of their awesome What’s up in Project Management podcast, Josh Nankivel (PM Student) and Bas de Baar (Project Shrink) – PMI’s New Media Council members – have shared their feedback about Kareem’s Blog in general, using XMind to depict and structure points of discussion in a blog post, and Why Projects Fail article series, you can listen to Josh and Bas talking about Kareem’s Blog from the minute 06:41 onwards. Thanks a lot Josh and Bas for your great feedback.

image PM Student ( 27/12/2009 )

This was the first ever referral to Kareem’s Blog. In December, 2009, Josh Nankivel has mentioned Kareem’s Blog in his post 7 Project Management Blogs You Can’t Miss, I have been honoured for having been added to a list of great project management bloggers. I would love to express my gratitude to Josh’s recommendation that gave Kareem’s Blog a great momentum at its beginning.

Arras People – How to Manage a Camel ( 10/01/2010 )

imageI am grateful to Twitter for having led me to Arras People, a recruitment and consulting UK based firm that is specialized in project, program, and portfolio management. Dan Strayer has recommended me to the camel’s blog readers in his article Tuesdays with Morning Links saying:

Tweeter to Watch: kareemshaker – Kareem Shaker is a Dubai-based PMP who “has a passion to write about project, program, people, & time management, productivity, software, and interesting stuff!” For those fortunate enough to have a busy TweetDeck filled with project-related search columns, which I do, you’ll no doubt have seen Kareem emerge in the last couple of weeks as a real mover and shaker (pun intended) in the PMP blogosphere. He drops comments on the blog pieces of others, and has an in-depth, well-written self-titled blog. this week features an involved, thought-out post about a concept he calls Social Loafing. It’s worth a read.

Thank you so much Dan, I can’t thank you enough for your recommendation and positive feedback.

 The Green PM ( 01/02/2010 )

image In her post, The Four Minute Meeting, Jhaymee Wilson (aka The Green PM) has quoted one of my tweets, in response to a question she had asked about the time managers spend in a week attending productive and unproductive meetings. Thank you Jhaymee for your support and for the great discussions we have always had on Twitter.

Arras People – How to Manage a Camel ( 02/02/2010 )

imageOnce again, Dan Strayer in February Edition of Tuesday with Moring Links, he recommends my article 100 Ways to Know Your Project is FUBAR saying:

Kareem Shaker at draws upon a memorable acronym (safe for work thanks to the strategically-placed asterisks) from ‘Saving Private Ryan’ to help one’s recognition that a project is gassed –

Thank you Dan!

Guerrilla Project Management ( 07/02/2010 )

image I am thankful for social media for having led me to such a great person, Samad Aidane is one of the best project management bloggers whose unique insights and genuine views. Samad has written a great article titled Being respectful does not mean being a doormat in response to my article RED Leadership. Samad, it’s been a great honour!

 PM Student ( 20/02/2010 )

imageAnother awesome endorsement from Josh Nankivel to an initiative I have started to help aspiring project managers, I have written a post called First Time Project Manager where I have sought the help and support of experienced project managers on Twitter and social media to guide first time project managers to build more experience and get the knowledge that will put them on the right path which will eventually reduce project failure rate. Josh has quickly responded and support the initiative and we have started to use the new Twitter hashtag #FTPM I have devised and he wrote a great post titled New project manager? Twitter can help: #FTPM in response to my post.

 Al Taee Blog ( 26/03/2010 )

Mohammed AlTaee I have been honoured to get a great brand conversation with Mohammed Al Taee, Mohammed is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is specialized in personal branding and social media, he had brand conversations with many celebrities such as Seth Godin, our conversation was centred around project management, you can read the full conversation here

Arras People – How to Manage a Camel ( 09/07/2010 )

LindsayUpload-277x300The best networking activity I’ve ever had was when Lindsay Scott, Director of Arras People, contacted me to write about the results of their annual Project Management Benchmark Report, the report has been compiled based on hundreds of project and program management professionals, the article is available on my blog at Project Failure – Voice of The Professionals and on Arras People’s blog at Project Failure. Lindsay was very helpful and she helped with reviewing the article. Lindsay, thank you so much for getting me to this experience and for allowing me this unique opportunity.

PM Network ( July 2010 )

PMnetworkDukeProject Failure – Voice of The Professionals article has been edited by PMI’s editors and it was published in PM Network, the official magazine of Project Management Institute, the magazine was sent to over 330,000 members. The article was given the title Why Do Projects Really Fail? you can read the article on the digital edition of the magazine here

Papercut Edge ( 21/07/2010 )

image Geoff Crane, a former Vice President for two global banks and currently the owner of Papercut Project Monitoring and a really great blogger who is carrying over 22 years of experience has referred to my most commented article There are too many projects and few project managers in his great article titled Is The PMP Losing Its Value?. Geoff shares his unique views about the value of PMP and tells real life stories about PMP certified individuals he has known.

Commsabilities ( July 2010 )

imageJo Ann Sweeney, owner of Commsabilities, has more than 25 years experience and is a trained journalist, chartered marketer and fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, fellow of the British Association of Communicators in Business and member of the Institute of Directors. In her wonderful 5 part article series, titled Top 5 Communication Skills for Project Managers, Jo Ann has quoted me in Active Listening, Building Relationships of Trust, and Conveying Vision skills. I have been quoted along with other top notch project managers, the articles were consolidate in a single article that was published in PMI’s website.

Arras People – How to Manage a Camel ( 05/11/2010 )

imageIn his article Project Failure is Also Due to Poor Communication, Richard Gaunt, CEO of Benchpoint Ltd, has shared his views on the project failure article I have written based on Arras People Project Management Benchmark Report. As communications director for a major international business integration project, Richard explains why communication could be the #1 reason for project failure. Thank you so much Richard, it’s been my pleasure.

Project Smart ( 26/11/2010 )

Duncan-Haughey_57509It was great receiving a request from Duncan Haughey to republish The Seven Deadly Sins of Risk Management, Duncan praised the article a lot and indicated that it would enrich readers knowledge. Thank you so much Duncan.

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